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How To Create A Great Logo!

Designing a logo is not as easy as it may sound. Your logo will be the cornerstone of your ads, #business cards and ultimately will be your personal #brand. That sure is a lot of important points to incorporate in one little small picture, right? Absolutely! Don't worry, BRANDed has you covered!

A logo must be eye catching, timeless, unforgettable, set your brand's energy and it must work well small or large. A #logo has to catch attention whether in it's transparent form or not. So many details to pack into a compact picture, but it is very possible!

Your logo has to make people feel your #product or #service, while coloring a picture worth a million words! BRANDed uses the following guidelines when designing your logo: use shapes and empty space to maintain a clean appearance - use proper colors to complete the design - the appearance of your logo has to scream confidence and dominate - rotate the wheel, not reinvent it.

BRANDed knows how to design your logo so it works perfectly with any marketing avenue, because it pops out as professional and authoritative - so you can stand above your competitors!

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