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Why Scroll-Stopping Social Media Ads Are Vital!

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

As a business owner, keeping up on Social Media Ads can be difficult to manage. BRANDed lives and breathes Social Media - so you don't have to! Posting a decent looking ad on your Facebook page is surely an accomplishment, but who is it actually reaching?

The Importance of Quality and a Target Audience

So, your ad looks okay and it's posted. Now what? Do you wait and hope people like it? Maybe share it? Of course. BRANDed takes marketing to a new level with professional ads, worded to with key words for searches and targeted for an audience that is actually interested in your #product or service. BRANDed takes advantage of the 2.5 hours each day, that a #consumer spends on their phones - including Social Media!

STOP - Gotcha!

Video Ads get more attention and get potential customers to respond to your ad. Just text or generic static ads will likely be overseen, or just scrolled on by. With #Video Ads, you get Audio, Video and #Text to set that call to action in motion. 70% of Small Businesses use Social Media for their main source of advertising, don't be left out or out-done by your competition. Get BRANDed! It's more #affordable than you think...

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