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Stop being basic, go with Video Ads

Just like your logo, your ads reflect on your business and believe it or not - the quality of your products or services! So when a small business owner is trying to run a business AND advertise, the result is usually the latter of the two suffering. Advertising takes time, research and creativity. Even if you are posting decent or even great looking ads, where are they really going? Who is seeing them? So often we see friends and family liking ad posts and the ad is not reaching it's potential (paid or organic growth). An ad needs to hit every phone of every potential customer and this done with targeting. Now you're probably thinking you will just hit the "Boost" button on your Facebook ad and be all set right? BRANDed says ... Don't waste hard earned money! If your ad is not one of those thumb stopping ads landing on potential customer's phones, then you just threw money out the window. Paid or not, they will scroll right on by your ad and not even share it #organicgrowth. That is why you need stand out with Video Ads. Statistically, potential customers are far more likely to watch a short video ad than read a paragraph post with a cute little picture. A Video Ad appeals to more than just one human sense (with Video, Audio and Text) and can easily set a positive mindset about your product, brand or service. BRANDed has mastered the art of Video Ads, produced specifically for you. Your brand, product, service, location and much more can easily be displayed in a very short period of time - projecting your business how you would want it to be, Professional. #videoadvertising #videoads #paidads #smallbusinessadvice #smallbusinessadvertising #socialmediamarketer #organicads

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