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Why should you hire an agency to manage your business on Social Media?

As a small business owner, you put blood sweat and tears into your livelihood, something better known as Sweat Equity. Social Media is the most affordable avenue for advertising, if your posts are scroll stopping, scripted correctly and have a "call to action" to capture customers. We hear so much about paid targeted advertising (Boosting), that many assume it's the key to successful advertising. Surely, Boosting is a factor, but it will be a waste of money if your ads are not performing on their own - without Boosting. How do you know if your ad is performing on it's own? - the words you're looking for are "Organic Growth". Without Organic Growth, you're just spinning your wheels and tossing money out the window.

By partnering with an agency, such as BRANDed, you get creative custom and functional ads. Together, we grow your business, establish online dominance and ultimately increase sales. The services offered by BRANDed are far more affordable than paying an employee to attempt the same results. Ideally, as a small business owner, you should spend your valuable time in Sweat Equity and not spinning your wheels while wasting precious funds on Social Media - and getting no traction. Whether it's creating your ads, identifying your strong points and your weak points, BRANDed offers a wide range of services. Websites, Social Media, Video Ads, TV Commercials, Photo Shoots for your professional ads and even Marketing Products (Business Cards, Window Decals, Floor Decals, Signage, A-frame Signage, Stickers etc.) are all services available by BRANDed. Here's a bonus, you will not beat our prices or the results we get for your business.

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